Globally Harmonized System for Hazard Communication (GHS)

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This hazardous material training course will provide users with information on the updated OSHA Hazardous Communication Standard (HCS) that specifies what information should be included on labels of hazardous chemicals as well as on the Safety Data Sheets.

This updated standard aligns with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.

These internationally accepted standards will make workers smarter and safer by helping them better understand the warnings of potential hazards, what to do if exposed and how to protect themselves.

Hazard Communication is also available here.

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FOD elearning course

Foreign Object Debris Reduction elearning course

New labels information:

  • Signal words - Danger, Warning, no signal word.
  • Hazard (H) and Precaution (P) statements.
  • Appropriate pictograms including:
  • health
  • corrosion
  • skull and crossbones
  • exclamation mark
  • flame
  • gas cylinder
  •  exploding bomb
  •  flame over circle
  •  environemnt

New 16 section Safety Data Sheet (SDS) form replacing the old Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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Foreign Object Debris Reduction elearning Course
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Foreign Object Debris Reduction elearning Course


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